Hello, I'm Andrea!

And I go through life as a partner, mother, friend, sister, and daughter, all of which are made richer by the work I do, the people I help, and my desire to write, create, and enjoy. 

I believe in Truth. Honesty. Thanks. Acknowledgment. Joy.  And the Ups and Downs of Life.

My life, like everyone else’s, is full of ups AND downs. It's real. And beautiful. And messy. And simple. And complicated. And everything in between.

Me, and The Joyful Project, and my doTerra and JuicePlus businesses, and my writings, and products, and services, and social media posts are all about remembering to find, feel, and acknowledge joy.

Joy in your self. Your body. Your mind. Your relationships. Your family.  Your day. …you get the picture! :)

I believe (and live) good days AND bad.

And I promise you this: Truth & Honesty. Always.